Get startedΒΆ

1. Connect your repository

Sign up via GitHub or email and add a git repository.

2. Add an SSH key to your server

For security reasons, we only access your private repositories via a SSH key. The SSH key will be automatically provided, once you’ll add a private repository to your account.

On the following pages, you’ll find short tutorials on how to add the SSH key to your git server:

3. Configure your analysis

After your project is added, go to your project’s settings and configure your analysis. To exclude certain files from the analysis, add a .checkignore file to your repo. Visit the Configuration chapter to learn more.

4. Add a commit hook

To analyze your repo automatically with each commit, add a commit hook to your git server/service.

5. Publish your code quality badge

Finally, don’t forget to add your project’s code quality badge to your README.